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In RE3 we have high quality massage chairs for home and workplace. Using a massage chair you can relax after a long day or take care of your well-being at a break in the workplace. We want to offer our customers well-being. Using a massage chair you activate your bloodstream and you are ready to challenge the day or recover after one. If you want to actively take care of yourself, your family or the well-being of your work community – the solution is a RE3 massage chair.

For individuals

If there was a heavy work day or a demanding sports performance the RE3 massage chair is a tool for healing. RE3 massage chair promotes your bloodstream and relaxes your muscles.

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We want to provide companies with an easy way to promote and upkeep well-being at work and also increase comfort in the workplace. By purchasing a RE3 massage chair you will take care of your company’s staff’s well-being at work. Entrepreneur - Please note that the massage chair is deductible as a product that promotes well-being at work expense.

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For employees

Tell your employer about the opportunity to buy a massage chair for business usage. Massage chair increases employee well-being as well as comfort in the working environment. You can tell us to contact your employer, so we will send them an offer of our massage chair!

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