Business Customer

In addition to the direct online purchase and invoicing services, we offer a leasing option for our corporate customers. A Leasing option is for a company that easily wants a guaranteed product. Ask us more info for including the maintenance to the deal. If the leasing product breaks through the contract, we bring a new product to replace the broken product.*

*If the product is broken due normal usage.

** Our leasing option is only available for customers in Finland.



 per month/24

per month/36

per month/48

per month/60

 2106 Deluxe


70 € 

48 € 

37 € 

31 € 

 8700 Luxus


121 € 

83 € 

 64 € 

53 € 

 *This pricing is valid to leasing contracts hat are made by 31.12.2018.

Tukirahoitus leasing for corporate customers


Private customers

In our online store, you can pay in many various ways. The options are as follows: Collector and Jousto via paytrail and Nordea's online credit:

Lisätiedot JOUSTO

Lisätiedot COLLECTOR


Home delivery

We provide our customers in Finland a possibility for home delivery. Ask more if interested for home delivery.

You can contact us by mail info@re3.fi or by phone 0207 310 120.